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Through the vision of Whānau Ora, MUMA take an integrated approach to providing services and support for all urban Māori in South Auckland.

Restorative Practice Services

Mau Te Rongo

Who we are

We are the sole provider of restorative justice and community justice panels in South Auckland. We have worked in delivering restorative practice services for over the last 10 years. Our team of trained and accredited facilitators are highly skilled in this line of work, focused on achieving good outcomes for both victims and offenders and reducing the impact that crime has on both groups.


Our in-depth knowledge of our community and experience working in restorative practices shapes the way that we work with people. Our facilitators will walk alongside you in helping you reach a space of peace and calmness, so you can get on with living.


How Restorative Justice works

Restorative Justice is about restoring harmony between victim and offender groups, including family conflicts. It's voluntary and focuses on the wellbeing of the victim and how they can move on from the offence. For offenders, it provides an opportunity to 'right their wrongs' and accept responsibility for their actions.


The judge will direct an offender to take part in Restorative Justice before sentencing occurs. As part of the process, we will:

  • meet with each individual and their support persons to explain the process, how it ties in with court proceedings;

  • get agreement from the victim, offender and facilitator to decide on whether a final conference will go ahead between the parties, based on suitability, appropriateness and safety of all participants;

  • facilitate a conference meeting where all parties meet and discuss the events, the impact of the offence and the result it had on the victim; and

  • prepare a report based on the discussion at the conference and send to the court and relevant stakeholders.


Either party reserves the opportunity to withdraw from Restorative Justice at any time during the process. We can also prepare a report and submit to the court and relevant stakeholders advising of the outcome


Te Pae Oranga – Iwi & Community Panels

Community Justice Panel is based on our Whānau Ora model of working with whānau, and looks at long-term plans to prevent reoffending. Operating at some Marae in South Auckland, they operate in partnership with the Counties Manukau Police.


At their sole discretion, the Police may refer individuals who have committed 'petty crime', such as traffic offences, disorderly behaviour, damage to public property, etc.


In comparison to a court process, the panel provide recommendation to offenders to 'right their wrongs' and prevent reoffending rather than passing judgement. These recommendations include things like a formal apology or payment for damages, and can include a Whānau Ora plan to address any issues within the family which might be causing an individual to commit a crime (i.e. stealing food to feed my whānau, etc.).


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