Shaping Urban Māori Futures

Through the vision of Whānau Ora, MUMA take an integrated approach to providing services and support for all urban Māori in South Auckland.

MUMA Whānau Ora Services Ltd

Our Services

MUMA Wānahuā Ora Services Limited is a subsidiary of Manukau Urban Māori Authority Incorporated.

Whānau Ora

Navigation and Advocacy

  • Kaiārahi Navigational Service

  • Food Bank

  • Building Financial Capability

  • Whānau Direct

Mau Te Rongo

Restorative Practice Services

  • Restorative Justice Services

  • Marae Justice Panel

Ngā Tupu Hou

Reintegration Specialists

  • Out of Gate Services

  • Tiaki Tangata

  • Reintegration Services for Short Servers

  • Youth Pilot

  • EM Bail


Wellbeing Interventions

  • Family-centred Services

  • Pou Hākinakina

  • Brown Buttabean Motivational Bootcamps


MUMA Group


Broadcasting and community engagement:

  • Radio Waatea


Education and growing communities of learning:

  • Waatea Early Childhood Centre

  • Te Kura Māori o Waatea


Māori Music Label:

  • Waatea Music


Quality funeral care:

  • Waatea Silver Dawn Funeral Services

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